Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ghanian Video Tales (2005)

Amazing look at the movie industry in Ghana. Until the coming of video, one filmmaker tells us, there had only been 8 to 10 movies made in Ghana. Since 1980, they number in the thousands. Home-grown and geared to a niche audience, these films are a testament to what very little money and ingenuity can accomplish. It's far too easy to make fun of their prentions and over acting, but what this documnetary shows has a lot of charm.
Most of the films are horror movies. There's even an extensive interview with the Ghanian "Christopher Lee". One director explains his big inspiration came from seeing foreign werewolf movies, but, since, wolves don't exist in Africa, they had to make a movie about a were-snake.
A movie that seems to ask:"If they can make features here, why can't you?"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Wicksboro Incident

Very creepy micro budget movie about aliens, conspiracies, and film making. Two videographers decide to take an alien-obsessed recluse to the town in Texas he claims was wiped off the map by evil extraterrestrials over 40 years ago. When they arrive at the sight, they find more than what they wanted. Shot in a "found" style, which reminds one of a certain other film from 1999. However, the video has obviously been edited and had music added for the audience, which pushes it into feature territory. Highly recommended!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

For Those Who Suffer

Go here to read a hysterical commentry on employment personality tests.

Not film-related, but hilarious just the same (language definitely NSFW)

Anyone who's ever applied to a Big Box store has had to suffer through these ANSWER ME! personality tests. My favourite response:

"You can wait patiently for a long time
this again depends upon circumstance. what am i waiting FOR? am i two months pregnant and patiently awaiting delivery? or am i at Burger King waiting for them to call my number? am i at the DMV? am I at a 5 star restaraunt where i am gonna shell out $500 by the end of the night waiting for my meal? in that case, fuck yeah im impatient! im paying your fucking bills and paycheck! im leaving the tip! you better fucking treat me like royalty! but, this is generalized. agree!"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Toys Are Us: A Revolution in Plastic

Here's a fun little movie which shows how artists are using "mundane" mediums to create new things. Its about the world of designer vinyl toys. Some of the artists are interviewed, as well as the collectors. Everyone comes across as enthused about their work. The documentary is only 30 minutes long, unfortunately, there was so much more I wanted to learn about.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pink Motel (1982)

Another one from the Big 80's. I seem to be the only person on the planet who loves this movie. Saw it in 1985 on VHS and found a copy once again. Although some of the gags have worn a little thin, it still holds up.
Slim Pickens and Phyllis Diller run a cheap adult-theme motel somewhere in California. Pickens is absolutely certain their theme (pink outfits, pink walls) will be a gold mine. His wife isn't so sure and dreads every customer who walks into the lobby.
Four stories about the battle of the sex and sexes are inter-woven. The first has two graduating high school seniors deciding to "make it special". The second concerns a football player and a call girl. The third, a pair of swinging Lotharios and their conquests for the evening. The fourth story is about two lawyers who need a place to rendezvous.
Most of the actors were involved in TV production at the time, and the quality of acting shows. Some of the scenes are also talky, making me wonder if this wasn't supposed to be a made-for-TV movie at some point in production.
Of course, everyone in the movie has a hidden secret which drives the plot. The lawyers are meeting in private because the male half is married to someone else. We soon learn that the football player has never been with a woman.
The best line is delivered by the lady lawyer: "You just went from a bastard to shit head!"
A hilarious movie, which has a bitter sweat ending.